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Young Geniuses and Old Masters

Hello friends and family,

I don't post much onto the blog these days, and I apologize but I have been using Twitter (@gentrywrestling) and Facebook (page: Matt Gentry Wrestling) to do a lot more frequent updates on my training and competition life.  At the same time, I've been getting a lot of requests for blogs from a different generation that doesn't use social media.  I'll leave out any comments on age/old fashioned. :-)

I am just returning home to my beautiful wife after being gone the last 2 weeks.  I will be home about 10 days in June and only 4 nights total in all of July.  I am lucky that I have such a supportive partner who really believes and supports me so much.  I read an article recently from the New Yorker magazine by Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Blink, Tipping Point, and Outliers.  It talked about young geniuses and old masters and that in ancient times, people of the arts were sponsored by 'patrons' who supported them so they could pursue their life work. For me, I consider wrestling an art form, and I am constantly striving to perfect my craft but for me to continue pursuing my goals has required some sacrifices, mostly being on the road for weeks at a time.  I am very willing to make these sacrficices, but now I am asking Emily (my wife) to make them as well.  I am lucky to have the support I have from my family, in-laws, but especially Emily.  As I near the end of my athletic career, I am more appreciative than ever for that support, and the success I have is really their success as well.  Thank you!

Much love,