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Wrestling in the Olympics

This photo was taken tonight at one of my wrestling clinics.  With yesterday's news to *recommend* dropping wrestling from the Olympics, I am going to fight so that Ethan Spacht, an 8 year old who just won his first state title, can have the same opportunities that wrestling gave me.  I am going to fight for his and literally millions of other kids' around the world Olympic dreams, because when I was 8 I had big dreams too.  Wrestling allowed me to achieve a lot of my goals, but more importantly it was a vehicle that provided me an education and made me a better person.  Those practices, competitions, and relationships taught me the value of hard work, self-discipline, sacrifice, perseverance, positive attitude, overcoming self-doubt, mental toughness and other character-building traits that I rely on every day to be a better worker, husband, coach, and citizen.  The Olympics is the pinnacle of our sport, and without the Olympics I fear that wrestling will wither and fade away as countries cut funding (the main source of sport funding around the world is governmental).  

One cool story about Ethan winning this tournament was that he had to wrestle a tough opponent who he had lost to 3 weeks prior. His response when he found out who his opponent was? "YES!" Wrestling is personal, physically exhausting, and emotionally taxing, and even an 8 year old wrestler embraces those challenges. I hope he keeps that attitude his whole life because wrestling taught me the same thing. I am obviously biased towards wrestling, but I am amazed at the public outcry from people outside the sport who are equally shocked by the IOC's somewhat shady decision. For that reason, and with the knowledge that wrestlers around the world will mobilize to do what they must to save the sport, I am optimistic that this decision will not stand for long.

Matt Gentry
2x Canadian Olympian


YouTube Matches/Interview

Here is a list of my matches and a short interview from the weekend which were uploaded on YouTube.

Quarterfinal vs. Peru

Semifinal vs. Cuba This was the tough match where the winner goes to the Olympics.

Finals vs. Puerto Rico

Post Match Interview

Hope you enjoy them!

2x Olympian!!!

Well, I didn't even know this blog was still running! My best friend Mike McCullough is in charge of this as I am not very techy, but it has been 3 years since I posted something here.

I mostly update friends and family of my performances and training and thoughts through facebook and Twitter, although 140 character bits really aren't as personal as a nice, thought-out blog. I guess I will start posting here, as many of the 'older' generation don't have a facebook account so I'm constantly being asked to put something up.

This last weekend was pretty exciting, I won the Pan Am Olympic Qualifying Event in Florida so I qualified for the Olympic Games in London this summer! It was especially rewarding because I had to beat the Cuban to qualify. I have lost to him twice in the past year, so to avenge those losses at hte same time as qualifying felt very good!

I returned from Florida yesterday, and now will be enjoying the next couple weeks of rest and off-the-mat exercises to refresh mentally and physically. I am very excited, the Olympics are 121 days away!!!!!