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New Challenges

I have been back almost a week now and feel pretty good about my jet lag. I still wake up around 6 AM, but it is great, I have been getting so much more done in my day. I still go to bed fairly late, but I guess my body is demanding less sleep now that I am not working out as much.

I have accepted the full-time assistant coaching position at Stanford and am pretty excited about the opportunity. It will be significantly different from what I have done in the past as I will have more administrative and recruiting duties, whereas in the past I was primarily a workout partner (i.e. training). Jason Borrelli is the head coach, and although he has some doubters right now because he is young (although not inexperienced), I am very confident that he will do a great job with the program. Ray Blake is also coming back as the other assistant, and Vic Moreno is taking over my role as volunteer coach. The complete article is at gostanford.com, which you can see here.

Also, if you would like to become part of our email or mailing list, send me an email and you will receive announcements about how our team is doing!

1st workout back

I have been gone a long time and cannot wait to be home. Yesterday my friend Mike invited me to a game of Badminton. Asians are crazy about the sport, we actually had to reserve a court time at a badminton club that had about 20 courts. We couldn’t get it until 9 pm.

We played for an hour and I was impressed. It is a fun game, there is no power, but a lot of speed, flexibility, smarts and technique (of which I had none so I tried to make up with this by hitting the birdie harder). Unfortunately, I sucked compared to my two friends who play weekly and I didn’t win a single game. Not one. I had 2 close chances to win, I lost 10-12 and 9-11, the first game where I was winning. I was so mad that I had to jump on a treadmill and I ran a 5K in 20 minutes on the treadmill. I guess my body just loves the abuse, it got me pretty tired- I think I was running totally anaerobic after about minute 2.

Tonight is my last night, the only thing I want is to be back home in my own bed.


Mad Manila

Well we left Bohol, basically tropical island paradise for Manila, which is a crazy city. You can get anything at any time here, I can see why my brother and Mike are living here, they live like kings for dirt cheap. They live in makati City on the 37th floor of a massive condo tower that has a live-in maid who cooks breakfast every morning and refers to them as ’sir patrick’ and ’sir mike’. My brother, sir patrick? I don’t think so. The other night after traveling, it was midnight, we called up a masseuse service and they delivered people to our door for about 7 bucks USD for an hour massage (the legit kind). Not a bad price.

The people are very friendly. One of the main things I wanted to do here was see Corregidor, the Worldl War II fortification that held off the Japanese for 5 months in Manila Bay. It was where General MacArthur said, "I shall return" and is a pretty amazing story. Unfortunately, the island is closed for annual maintenance for 3 days, the exact same 3 days that I am here, so that is a huge bummer.

I will be flying back on Wednesday, so I will be back on Thursday so hope to see many people then!


Philippine Paradise

I have been negligent in writing, especially since I had such a following for the Olympics. Holy smokes, I never thought that many people would be following my blog. I am lucky.

I spent a few days after I competed in China. I really didn’t do a whole lot, but i did march in the closing ceremonies, which was emotional- exciting, stimulating, and sad and a bunch of other emotions all at the same time. It was an amazing couple weeks. A highlight of the closing ceremonies was when they threw a bunch of mascot toy dolls into the crowd of athetes and I got one! Seriously, I was surrounded by all the best athletes in the world and I out-athleticized all of them, and I’m sure I was shorter than the average Olympian. It kind of pumped me up. My teammate reminded me that some of the other sports don’t require athleticism so it really wasn’t much of a feat, but I think he was wrong (I won’t name any of those other sports, maybe one that uses a gun and target and rhymes with ’looting’?)

Since then, I have met up with my family in the Philippines and we have traveled to Bohol, a tiny island that truly is an undiscovered tropical paradise. After the business and frenzy of Beijing, not to mention the stress, it is quite a contrast here, but it is good for me. I haven’t been able to fully relax, but I’m getting into it. The Filipinos really don’t have a concept of time as far as I can tell- its not a bad way of life, they are extremely friendly and happy people.

I will be back in a few days, and I wanted to thank you all again. Internet hasn’t been working at our hotel/resort, but I receive text message on my california phone, so if you need to reach me, please feel free to text or email. I will check my email again in a couple days.



I owe an update to all the people that have been following my progress and I wanted to thank you for all the support.

I lost my first match to the Greek yesterday and was eliminated. It was not how I had imagined my competition would go. I wrestled OK, but not great, and you need amazing at this level. I think that is what hurts the most, because I had done everything I could to prepare myself. I had put myself in the situation to be ’amazing’ with my lifestyle, and when it came down to it I didn’t execute. It is true that he is very good, that the match was close, that the Olympics are about the road and not the destination, but right now it is very painful for me to think about because it is too fresh and raw.

I know that there are more important things in life. The day before I left I visited my friend Father Pat, who is a priest at Stanford. He was working at a camp for children with terminal cystic fibrosis and reminded me of my many blessings that are ’bigger’ than the Olympics. I have been given an unbelievable amount of these in my life, and I truly am thankful, so I feel that it is almost selfish of me to be hurting so badly right now.

My coaches have advised me not to think or analyze our performance right now. Judging by the way they still talk about their career, it looks like I will have a lifetime to do just that, so I will sign off for now and spend some time with my family.

Thank you again to all of those who have supported me.


Matt Gentry’s Olympic Bracket

Matt was given a really great draw this evening after weighing in. The brackets have been posted online and are available here: http://www.themat.com/specialevents/2008/olympics/brackets/FS74.htm The Russian, American, and Cuban-his toughest competition- are all on the bottom side of the bracket, which means he will only meet one of them in the finals.

Matt was really excited and in great spirits when we talked with him about 30 minutes before he went to bed tonight. Over at the Beijing fan club headquarters, everyone is also getting ready for sleep and is setting out their black Matt Gentry shirts to wear tomorrow.

There’s excitement in the air and a few of us grabbed a drink or two to help us sleep better tonight. We are really excited for tomorrow and even a few of us Americans will be proudly waiving the Canadian flag.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know anything...

Go Matt!


I have been receiving an unbelievable amount of emails and notes from people, some who I have not heard from in quite a while (and some emails from people I don’t I even know, like one guy named Mac?).

I received an email with a link to www.blessyoumovie.com, a short clip and it made me realize how lucky and fortunate I am to be taking part in my Olympic experience. I would not be here if it were not for all the support I have received, so I just wanted to say thankyou.

I weigh in tonight so just getting my weight down. I am naturally pretty close to my weight class (74 kgs or 163 lbs.), so I still feel pretty good.


Canada Wrestling...

...HAS A GOLD MEDAL! Yesterday Carol Hunh became Canada’s first Olympic Champ in women’s wrestling when she won at 48 kg (105.5 lbs.), and then Tonya Verbeek won her 2nd Olympic medal, a bronze at 55 kgs. (121 lbs.). I watched all of their matches and it was pretty amazing to witness. The olympics are so cool, and I get to compete in 3 days! I am pumped.

My brother, girlfriend Emily, plus Ray, Mike, Nick and Shannon (I have quite a crew) arrived Friday night and I was able to spend yesterday afternoon with them at the Canada Olympic House. The COC (Canadian Olympic Committee) has done an amazing job to make our time at the olympics enjoyable and comfortable, and let me tell you my friends were enjoying the free food yesterday. What mooches :-)

A short update, yesterday was the most activity I have done since I arrived, so I am laying low today. Kerry McCoy the ex-Stanford head coach who was part boss/part coach to me for the last 3 years (and also friend), plus Stanford’s first 3x All-American Tanner Gardner who is visiting the Olympics on his way around the world came to dinner with my training partner Nick and I. We had a really great time. Here are a couple more pics!

Dinner with the Stanford guys, Nick, Tanner, Kerry and myself:

Also being serious with a guard in front of the Bird’s Nest, the Olympic Stadium:

Thanks for all the support and all the communication I have received!


Go Stanford!

Wow, I never thought that coming to the olympics would be such a Stanford reunion. I’ve been able to meet up with quite a few friends from Stanford on the opposite side of the world. It is pretty neat.

My days have turned into Groundhog Day in a sense, but it is great. Wake up early, Practice on the mats, relax, eat, internet, get treatment or massage, dinner, team meeting, bed. I’ve been able to go off and do a few things, but I haven’t had much desire to. I was in China in April 2007 for a training camp and we trained for 4 days here in Beijing so I was able to see a lot of the sites (which are truly amazing by the way). There is an unbelievable sense of history as you walk along the Great Wall, seeing Tienanmen Square, or being inside the Forbidden City, (given the name, I thought it was kind of funny to be inside the Forbidden City).

Tonight I will however hit up the infamous Silk Market, I think the most capitalist place on Earth. It is a 5 story block of a mall CRAMMED full of 15 feet x 10 feet shops that sell everything you can think of. You can buy everything at multiple locations and no price is set, so it is an intense game of bargaining. I am mentally gearing up for it right now, although it should be entertaining as I am meeting up with my former teammate and good friend Levi Miranda. He married my other former teammate, Olympic bronze medalist Patricia Miranda.

Anyway, I have been able to meet up with a few friends for meals and such in between times, and just wanted to post a few pictures!

Being super Westernish with a Starbucks outside of an Adidas Superstore with Katie Grube. She has been living here for 4 years now and speaks Chinese (Mandarin). It is impressive. She showed me her apartment where we also spotted her neighbor taking their pet piglet out for a walk. Seriously, a pet pig, not like a pot-bellied mini pig, but like a future 200 lb. animal. I have a feeling it might have been future dinner though.

I was able to meet up with my former Freshman year adviser, Joel Getz, who is now working with the Yale School of Business and James Herbert (who I saw at Opening Ceremonies). Its a little blurry unfortunately, and James is sporting the ’Gentry Wrestling’ Shirt! I knew I liked him. We had a much more normal time at their hotel.

Nick Amuchastegui, my training partner and I inside the Olympic Village where all the flags are raised. He was able to come in for the day and see the sights.

Finally, having dinner in the dining hall with my two track and field friends and former neighbors from Stanford, Jill Camarena who throws shotput for the US and Leila Ben-Youssef, who is a pole-vaulter from Tunisia. We ended up by talking for 2 and a half hours and I had to spend the night in my room in the village because it was already so late and I didn’t want to go back to the school.

TV SCHEDULE/Subscription

My uncle posted this in a comment but thought I should share it with everybody in case you don’t see it:

Qualifiers (Aug. 19th 6pm-10pm PT)

Finals (Aug. 20th 1am-4am and possibly till 8am PT)

Thanks Brett!

ALSO, my good friend and IT Support right hand man Mike Danger McCullough has upgraded the site. Below, you should see "Subscribe to Matt Gentnry’s RSS Blog Feed" with a link. This means you will automatically receive my latest post when I post a new blog. I think it is pretty cool, so thanks to him as well,