HA! I had forgotten my goal time of 18:30. Apparently I should have set it higher, because I ran a 18:27. That is a 6:09/mile pace which I was pretty happy with. I thought I was going to puke the last 2 laps but held it down. I'm pretty sure if I ran it 3 more times I could be sub 18:00 minutes, but maybe that is wishful thinking. Our other asssistnat coach, Vic Moreno is a machine, he was 16:45 or something!

Anyway, I'm actually in Rome right now about to go to bed. Arrived this morning, staying at a 'Country Club Castlefusano" that is actually more of a camping ground. It is kind of funny, but we are staying in the main building so it is like a hotel. Trained this afternoon with our 66 kg, Haislan Garcia, he is a stud, didn't go live but hard drilled to get the trip out of me. It is so hot and humid here that I probably lost 2 kg without trying.

It is past 11 pm, I must go to bed.

Looking forward to this Saturday and competing again!

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