Condoleezza Rice

You are probably thinking, what does Condoleezza Rice have to do with Matt Gentry Wrestling? Nothing really, other than we worked out next to each other last week. Kind of worked out next to each other. As in she was doing her thing, our wrestling team was doing our thing and there was nobody else in the gym.

It basically went like this:

6:30 AM we have team lifts for the Stanford team. We told our team that there might be some distractions in the weight room this morning, and that Rice and security detail were in the gym, but focus on the job at hand and get good work in. The guys didn't believe us. we started our lift...
athlete- wow, I think that actually is Rice.
coach- what, you didn't believe me?
athlete- yeah, but is that normal?
coach- It's Stanford, of course it's normal.

We thought about saying hi or giving her some Stanford Wrestling apparel to wear, but considering she was working out in a deserted gym at 6 AM, we took it to mean she didn't want to be bothered.

Anyway, other posts coming soon.


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