El Competicion

That probably isn't Italian, but I say a lot of Spanish words and they seem to get the point, or at least they nod and smile, so who knows.

Anyway, I just wanted to fill you in on the competition. I had my toughest win of the day in my first match. I wrestled a Greek guy who was ridiculously strong. I ended up beating him 1-0, 1-1, although I don't think he ever actually scored a takedown. I was in on his legs and he Miguel Matta'd me! (cutback), I stepped over and thought I got 2 points for exposing his back, and then as he came on top, I did a switch and got away. It should have been no points, but they gave him 1, so I had to score again. It was a good scramble.
I wrestled a German next who was really pissed that I beat him. I beat him 3-0, 1-0, controlled the match and felt good. All the teams were staying at the same hotel and later that night he sat down next to me at the table after dinner, then looked over and said "ah crap", I guess he didn't know who it was he was sitting down next to. We ended up chatting a little, he was still upset I think. In the semifinals I wrestled a British guy named Mike who we hung out with last summer in Madrid, he was a nice fellow, I couldn't understand a word he was saying, i swear the British accent is barely intelligible English. I actually wrestled him 1 year ago in the first round of this tournament and this year I won 5-0, 2-0.

In the finals I lost 1-0, 1-1 to Denis Tsargus, the Russian. I shot with 10 seconds left and got countered, I didn't have a good attack, but my coaches didn't want me going to the clinch. In retrospect it was forced and unneeded, but something I need to work on. 2nd period, I got a takedown and then reversed from it, can you believe a collegiate wrestler was reversed in freestyle? Stupid. I was trying to secure his ankles and he did a switch. I am so mad. I scored with 40 seconds left then by the time I was on top, then he was on top, there was less than 20 seconds left. Mistakes.

Anyway, tomorrow we leave for Skopje, Macedonia. I guess it is the capital city. We weigh in Friday, wrestle Saturday with the finals on Sunday. Speaking of the schedule, we are so busy. Here was where we have been.

Monday, May 25- Depart
Tuesday Arrive Rome, 2 nights in Rome
Thursday, travel to Sardinia, compete Saturday
Sunday back to Rome
Tuesday, travel to Macedonia, compete Sat-Sun
Sunday, begin travel home, fly to Amsterdam
Sunday night in Amsterdam, Monday return home around 8 pm

5 different places in 14 days. It is crazy.

OK, hope people are still reading this. Is anybody?


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