Guelph Open

Seriously? Has it been a month since I posted something here? Especially when I have such good material.

Like the fact that I competed last weekend in Guelph, Ontario at the Guelph Open? And that even without being 100% prepared training-wise, I was very relaxed and won the tournament?

Its kind of a long story, but Stanford had a dual meet in Colorado Springs 3 weeks ago. We had some free time and I knew the Canadian National Team was in town training at the Olympic training Center, so I popped over for a workout. Even with the elevation, I did pretty well and was really happy with my technique and conditioning. It also made me want to wrestle.

So the very next weekend, Stanford was off and it was a great opportunity for me to go to Guelph to compete. I really like the Guelph team and it was fun to see all the people from the Olympics that I haven't seen in a while. At the competition, I had 3 matches (although i should have had 4 as my first opponent didn't show up- I was left standing in the middle of the mat and eventually they just raised my hand) Anyway, my second match, I wrestled a guy from Montreal, and won 2-0, 7-0, I did some good stuff. In the semis, I wrestled another guy from Montreal, and won 3-0, 1-0. The second period went to clinch and he won the flip, but I avoided the takedown.

The clinch is a 30 second tiebreaker if the match is still 0-0 after 2 minutes. They flip a coin, whoever wins gets to start with the leg. If he scores he wins, if he fails to score or gets scored on, then the other guy wins. If you win the flip it is about a 90-95% success rate, so I was happy to win defensively since it doesn't happen often.

In the finals, I wrestled my third opponent from Montreal. I'm pretty sure their coach was getting tired of wrestling me, but I won 1-0, 1-0. I could have done more, I was a little lazy, but he didn't score and it was the same opponent that I had to beat to make the Olympic team, so it was a good match.

Anyway, the trip overall was great, although it was -16 Celsius. Do you know how cold that is? I was invited to the banquet held for the Guelph team that night, I showed up and was the only non-Guelph teammember there at a formal affair with speeches and a fancy dinner. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with running shoes, while everyone else was in a suit, but it was still fun.

Hope all is well. Look soon for an article in peaking...

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