Poor Performance

Well, I am pretty disappointed. I'll keep this brief because I am pretty mad. I lost my first match to a German, I was very lackadaisical in my wrestling and lost out of the clinch, and then 2-2. Had lots of opportunities and didn't take them. I needed to be mentally focused and I wasn't.

I'm reading Good to Great by Jim Collins and he talks about the the Stockdale paradox. Stockdale was a POW in Vietnam for 8 years and did 2 things: Faced reality and also held firmly to his belief that things would work out in the end. I think I need to take those lessons and apply them to my training/wrestling right now.

All 4 of my teammates are in the finals tomorrow, Travis Cross at 84 kg had the best match of the day, he beat the German who was 5th in the Olympics. After the finals in the morning, we travel to Amsterdam where we spend the night before I fly home and get back on Monday night. Probably won't have internet access until then.

Thanks for the messages, I appreciate the support,

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