Port Alberni Pics/YMCA

I just received some pictures from my trip to Port Alberni this summer in late July to train before we left for the Olympics. In Port Alberni we wrestled a couple exhibition matches in front of a live crowd and did a few days of training. Travis Cross, our Olympian at 84 kg. is a firefighter there, so his fire hall hosted us for a breakfast and let us play with the hoses, which are super intense. It was pretty fun. We also relaxed at the lake on our afternoon off, so all in all, it was a pretty great trip. It is a gorgeous and a very friendly town, and it was a pretty great place to be. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Also, tomorrow, November 6th, I'll be attending (or speaking I think as well?) a YMCA celebration of Olympians. I'm not exactly sure what the exact purpose of the event is, but I think it has something to do with inspiring youth. We'll find out.

Introductions at the exhibition:

Signing autographs for the town, I felt like a celebrity!

Signing autographs

That is me at the top, I can't believe I did that.
climbing ladder

the small hose:
the small hose

The big hose that took 2 people to handle. It was tiring!
the big hose

Nicholas, Travis' 22 month old son gets his own scaled down hose:
little hose

The dock and lake. This is the life!

The crew at the lake. Good guys.
crew at the lake

I also wanted to mention my girlfriend Emily, who is a crazy Notre Dame football fan!

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