Silver Medal

Just got to Internet. We stayed at a resort, very nice, but no internet and we were 4 km from the nearest town ( I know, I got stuck there and had to walk it). At least we were on a really nice beach.

Anyway, I will post more later, but took a silver medal yesterday at the Sassari International. Had 3 good wins on my way to the finals, started with win over a Greek (I owe that country), then Germany, then Great Britain before losing in the finals. Wrestled very well, had very sharp attacks, scored lots of points, but in the finals I made a mistake and he capitalized on it. Live and learn I guess, I didn't feel too badly about the way I wrestled, more pissed about making the mistake and he was a very good wrestler, 2x Jr. World Champ, #3 right now in Russia. Like always, I didn't lose because of anything he did to me, more what I did. Make some adjustments for this coming weekend in Macedonia.

I'll get more soon, we just landed back in Rome and have to go eat dinner before the cafeteria closes. I'm curious to see what people would like me to talk about, so let me know,

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