I’m back stateside! Thanks to everybody, but especially all my Canadian relatives who are as excited as I am about representing Canada. I’ve been super busy since I got back trying to get all the visas, passport issues, and my very busy summer schedule ironed out. I will be travelling quite a bit in the next few months, because I have chosen to go the "Canadian Route"

After the tournament, I ended up travelling to Calgary with the University of Calgary team and staying with Leigh and Christine, the coaches who were great. On my one day there, we all drove over to Banff and spent the day exploring the town, the hot springs hotel, and looking at the AMAZING Canadian Rockies. I hope to be seeing more of Canada in the coming competitions.

Just wanted to give a quick update and officially let everyone know that I will be representing Canada. I was expecting a little backlash from the US, but I have received so many congratulations, even from people I barely know, so it has been a great experience.


PS. Here is a picture of me wrestling a few weeks ago. Notice the head wrap to protect the bad ear (toughness factor) and the gaping mouth (for intimidation)

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