Recovery Shake

Use only after intense training (otherwise make adjustments as detailed in paragraph below in bold; specifically, if weight gain is not your goal, do not use raw oats instead of maltodextrin, see text below chart).

Calories fat(g) carb.(g) protein(g)
1 cup milk 90 0 13 9
1 cup yogurt 120 0 19 13
1 tblspn olive oil 120 14 0 0
2 tblspn peanut butter 200 16 7 7
1/4 cup protein powder 100 0 0 25
3/4 cup maltodextrin 300 0 75 0
1/2 - 2/3 banana 60 0.5 14 0.5
1/4 cup blueberries 26 0 7 0
slice cantelope 18 0.1 4 0.4
tablespn whole flax seeds 30 2 2 1.5
1 teaspn dark honey 60 0 17 0
whole wheat grass
TOTAL ~100 32 157 52

Maltodextrin and protein powder should be used only for recovery from intensive training during the hour or 1 ½ hours after training.  For medium intensity training cut the protein powder and maltodextrin in half and go a bit low (by 10% or so) on all the other measurements.  For low intensity / maintenance training, for rest days, and as a meal replacement, and for weight loss, do not include any maltodextrin or protein powder.  Instead, use ½-1 cup raw oatmeal (the kind that says to cook for 5 minutes or longer, but you don't need to cook it) and 1 regular serving of tofu ("serving" size is specified on the tofu container).

Dairy can be replaced with soy.  Yogurt targets intestinal flora (make B vitamins and vitamin K).  Olive oil can be replaced with any vegetable oil, but extra virgin olive oil is the only supermarket oil available that is not heat treated (which breaks down oil to some extent).  Peanut butter can be replaced with any nut butter or even nuts for that matter (if your blender chops them up for you with the other ingredients well enough).  The fruit can be replaced by any other fruit (make sure to include those with as high a vitamin and antioxidant concentration as possible).  Flax is for the essential fats as well as fiber and wheat grass for the anti oxidants as well as fiber.  The darker the honey is, the higher its antioxidant concentration.  Wheat grass contains an insignificant number of calories of any kind (i.e. is close to zero).  If you don't like any ingredient or something is hard to find in the stores you shop in, simply leave that ingredient(s) out.