Wrestling Techiques

Practice doesn't make perfect.....PERFECT practice makes PERFECT

Especially in High School, people don't drill their moves enough....A great way to do something extra is to drill with a partner to warm up or cool down every day.  Start practice early or end late, but choose an area to focus on and hit 75% of your moves in that area.

Stance and Motion

  • Everybody does forward and back well....add more circular motion to your movements...
  • Key to every shot:  good positioning- your upper body is frozen and you don't duck your head to shoot…back straight, head up, chest out, arms tight to your side(although fully extend to grab his legs, just not out so he can underhook you)

Sanderson Motion

  • Forearm comes to neck and pushes ear to shoulder, other hand comes in monkey grip to tricep and pulls forward...Circle backwards and pull him off balance and downwards and forward

A great set up for any shot:

  • Double, Circle away then shoot back in, while using hands to pull him over the top of you…
  • Single, Take hand off tricep and push on head (same side as you had forearm on, so you are replacing hands, then run to a single (don't drop to a knee)
  • Ankle pick,  If his head is low enough, crunch his head to a knee...The key is downward pressure with your hands, keeping his entire body in front of you.  Then scissor your arms as you cup his ankle.
  • Run to the leg....Circle and get his head down, then shove his head across his body and get the angle, running him down with one hand on back of leg, other forearm on neck, putting weight onto his head

Single leg (didn't go over, but talked about in Quizno's)

After the shot….

  • Put the bony part of your shoulder right on the top of his thigh, then to dump, take a backward step and put downward pressure onto his leg, crumpling his leg
  • Opposite of this is the trip-if he blocks the dump, change direction and step behind his other heel with your toe UP

Double Leg
Best move in wrestling - Have multiple set ups and practice every day.    
Sanderson Motion, any kind of circle away from the leg you want, then step back into the shot....
Body Fake - Hit 3 body fakes in a row and on the third, hesitate and then explode.  One of my most successful ones right here
From an underhook or 2-on-1, see below
From a slide by or shuck.     If he collar ties you, you can do a double.   Keep your feet set like you would do a double, but fake doing a shuck (pulling on the arm and the head).   He reacts by pulling back, which is when you hit the double.  One of the slickest takedowns because its hard for your opponent to feel what just happened..

Leg Turk
From double, stay on his legs.

  1. you don't want him scrambling out and
  2. because it sets up the leg turk to keep his legs split.

Step through and hook knee-to-knee.   Other knee slides ALL THE WAY UP so your knee is in his belly button.   now elevate and pop your hips in.  The move works becuase of the legs, so practice using just your legs to get a feel for how to turn him.  Have partner struggle a little, have him sit up and knock him back down by circling hips towards his head. 
Both your hands should be on opposite side of his body, reach back and go above arm and picture frame his head.  You can lift and put him on his back if he's not already there.  The only thing he can do from here is handfight so eventually bury your hand where he can't reach it, on his far back shoulderblade.   Now he's in trouble and it should be easy to you.  Wave at crowd, girlfriend(s), etc.
To PIN:  Start sliding to be parallel, chest to chest with his arm trapped in between your two chests and pushed across his ribs so he can't breathe.  Elevate head and rock his shoulder down...Say goodnight to him.


Hand Turk
After double leg especially, stay on legs, and take top hand and split his legs where you would normally step through for a leg turk.  If he stays turned into you, drive him to his back in a cradle or regular half, but normally he will roll through and you will end up in a Navy Ride.  He rolls through so is facing away, put both knees close to his body, one in hte small of his back, the other right below his butt.  Sink your elbow deep so it is on mat, other hand should be on his upperbody, post on mat in front of him and lift with your body, not your arms.  Bring his hips onto your hips and elevate.   If he stays turned away, grab his elbow and push his tricep across his face and hold for backpoints.  If he switches back and rolls in, just sink half and pin.




  • If he posts, take opposite hand and push hand off shoulder as you step in and grab underhook
  • Club the head and circle away, then change direction, step back into underhook

Positioning - shallow underhook, with hand on top of shoulder and then keep elbow high and keep everything tight by bringing body to the arm…

Offense from underhook:

  • Throw By - Key is to get his weight to his opposite foot and the near leg will come up to you and grab for a  single, so shotput arm straight as you throw him forward (you can knee him in the butt) then dropping into good single position
  • If he resists, then change direction and come to snap-down (look to front headlock for how to finish)
  • If he resists snap down he will have to step far foot forward (or you can circle away and get him to step far foot forward)....Just like the ankle pick from Sanderson Motion, key is to get weight on underhook and bring underhook down.  That freezes far leg, and you can drive straight across, staying in front of him and holding onto the underhook.   Some people throw the underhook, but I don't do that.  personal preference.
  • the fun one.....If he stands straight up, put your ear on his chest and use head like a battering ram back.  at the same time, knee block with your back leg(Your knee is a POST and doesnt' move)  underhook pulls him backward and other hand goes to his leg and you spin him bakcwards and down, making sure he falls FIRST (thats a rule in wrestling, make the other guy fall down first)
  • Pinch front headlock (not sure if we went over)  NOT A THROW.....try and put his ear on your chest, and from an underhook lock hands behind his head and squeeze his head and his arm to your chest.....Now just twist your hips down and since his neck is getting pinched in an awkward way, he'll go....trust me, he'll go.

Double Unders:
Can do a lot of similar moves as with one underhook, but the trip is my favorite.   Sag on the side that your head is on--Now trip his opposite side foot using your foot and hop backwards, sagging the ENTIRE time.   He won't feel in danger until its too late.

2-on-1 offense is almost exactly the same as underhook offense.
Also, you can attack far-side easier with a 2-on-1:
If he grabs your wrist, a slick set up for a high crotch or double to opposite side.  Have to take a cheater step and get your feet set and elevation changed to accelerate the move.


High Crotch
Didn't really go over, but the key is the same as the double.  Keep good upper body position especially.   
One special set up.  If he grabs your wrist of your non-shooting hand...Take shooting hand and slide around outside of his grip, so you're crossing your arms.   As you come in, slide your forearm along his lock and he will have to let go......plus you've beaten his hands and he is screwed....
One special finish:
If he gets you in a crackdown and is starting to scoot around and beat you around the corner, slide your bottom hand (you're attacking his leg) along the mat and hook his other leg, then keeping your hips pointed down, jump to other side and finish like a hand or leg turk.....This is a good one just shown to me....

Leg Ride Offense
SHEETS LEG RIDE.  this move is great.  Put your heel in his groin (high and shallow on his leg), then bring other knee and put just your toe on the backside of your knee.  Now pop in hips, elevating his leg off the mat.  Hip pressure is everything.  'break' his hips by helicoptering your hips, keeping them pointed down the entire time.  Like the leg turk, it all comes from the legs, the hands are just a handfight, so reach back and picture frame his head (put the entire length of your forearm on the side of his head) and scrape his face, make him look down the entire time.  He will turn himself (and probably yell out in pain too).   Once he is on his back, bury hand on his far back shoulder blade.

Leg Ride Defense
First of all, don't let the leg in....
Mule kick:   If still on knees, kick straight out and as you bring knee back down, scrape it along other knee to try and get his leg out.
He wants to turn you, so you have to do opposite.  Sit to own butt and make him sit on his butt.

Most important part here is to not give him a force half nelson, so keep your arm tight to your side.  Since you can't use your arms, use your legs to get his leg ride out.   Use your leg not getting leg ridden to scrape off his lock with first your foot, then your knee and grab his foot.  Then dig both hands under and Vizzini.   Plant leg on other side of head and come out back door.  
-Other option is to plant one hand on knee from outside, other hand on his shoelaces (grab from outside) and hop your hips out so you can hip hiest into him...You have to grab his leg by coming around the outside of your legs to do this...

If he gets the force half- Shrug shoulder and get his lock off your neck and onto your arm.   Much less powerful, then limp arm out, or attack hands.  Also can hop hips backward (don't get pulled backward) and lean forward and reattack his body from here.

Front Headlock
Snap him down to a front headlock.  Use body fakes and elevation changes to get his head coming down, then jump into a front headlock and snap him to the mat.  This is a whole body effort, you're not just using your arms, but your entire body weight to bring him forward and down (he should land where your feet are at the start of the snap, so get your feet out of the way)
One monkey grip (all fingers, including thumb together) on his elbow and pull his elbow forward so he doesn't have a post
Other forearm tight to his neck (i believe you can grab chin as you long as you don't torque

Practice snapping at least 3 times before you try and spin.  To snap:  Step up with outside foot (same foot as side you have his elbow) slide knee and then snap him forward and circular.  Since he has no post in that direction, you should try and snap his face to the mat.  if it hits, you did it right.

To spin:  KEEP PRESSURE ON HIM when you spin.  Personally, once his head is on the mat, i slide back of hand from his chin and put back of hand in his armpit, so he can't raise it up and I spin with all my weight right on that joint.   Important that he can't come up or get his arm up to block your spin....


Front Headlock Defense
Important:  DON"T STAY HERE...bad position

Bull out -  Grab an elbow and push forward until out of bounds
Back out - Get your elbow back and plant to the mat (creates space for your head), pull down on his elbow, put head into center of his chest, and circle up and out.  When you put your head into the center of his chest, curl your neck and get your body underneath you so your forehead is in his chest, not the back of your head.  You often end up with a 2-on-1 from here
Arm Drag-  Pull down on his elbow coming around your head, step up outside foot (same side as you have his elbow), now take other hand and get arm drag on his arm coming around your head and twist your body and head out.  Works especially well if he is driving into you...

Peek out- You will be doing a duck under to the opposite side as arm drag.  Step up other leg (same side as he has your arm) and slide your your head to his side, then slide knee and body to a double or a duck under.  At the same side, throw your outside arm (the arm he is trying to make straight)  back to create space for this movement

(since these two moves work together, if one doesn't work, its a setup for the other and vice versa)

Defending Leg Attacks
arms and hands are number one defense.  always keep them down.  Protect your lead leg, but whatever foot he leads with, that is your downblock hand.

When you sprawl, the key is to get your hips in and your legs straight, don't worry about where he has you on the legs.  Make sure toes are pointed so that if he drives, you slide, and don't come up.
-Take your hips and move just a few inches out (laterally, away from his head) so your hip pressure is on the shoulder joint, instead of his neck.  Pop your hips in and there should be no way he can hold on.  ask your partner, it should be painful
-also you can push down on his head
-Once you have broken his grip, lace hand (same side as he has your leg) around outside of his hip, then grab his shoelaces from the inside...Now he can't circle

-If he elevates and comes up in between you legs, get a bodylock with one of his arms in it.  Now he can't finish. 
It will either be a stalemate (which is almost like a win since you were almost taken down) or if you throw your legs off to the same side you have his arm trapped and drive his face into the mat as you 'fall off' his body.  Then let go and circle.


Bottom wrestling
Stand Up
The important part of the standup is that you get up as fast as possible.  I worry about hands second.  Getting to my feet is first....do some drills where he tries to return you and you keep your balance and stay on your feet, practice handfighting from there.  
Personally i do an inside leg jump standup.   As soon as the whistle goes, my inside leg is jumping up, already turned and pivoted up.

To break his grip:
Get his grip to one hip,   Don't lean back, Lean DOWN.   That stretches his lock out completely, then dig your thumbs down into his lock, then pop hips forward.  DOn't lean back, or he'll take you back.   The key is to get his arms stretched out completely, then pop your hips.

Knee slide
You want to get your knees underneath your chest.   However, you can't lean back, so bring your knees forward.   Once you are in this almost vertical position, you are in much better position.......Handfight from here and keep kneesliding forward until you can get a leg out and posted in front of you....Don't get pushed forward.    If he pushes straight into you, resist him, especially with HEAD pressure back, and let him drive you straight up.

If he takes you sideways- sit out, keep arms tight to your side, fall all the way to your shoulder, bring your far knee to your chest, keeping your near leg straight so your head can pop out....Especially hold on to his hand control if you have it and spin out underneath his armpit for reversal.

If he follows you on this, its a great setup for the roll.....Corkscrew your hips underneath his so that if he starts to follow you, you can hook his inner thigh and elevate.   Fall no farther than your elbow to do this move.  The move comes from the legs, so you don't want to expose more of your back than you have to.

If he comes over the top or sucks you back.....Vizzini Roll- Plant far arm straight to other side of head and come out back door.

If he sucks you back- Same thing as the sit out....Probably won't get away, but also a great chance to stand up right away.   Start putting moves together because that is where you are successful on bottom.  One thing you don't want to do is let him stay on your hips on bottom.  If you can create space between your hips and making him work to keep you down, then you are being successful.

Funky Moves - Fight for every inch of every position
Flipper Switch...Gonna have to sit to butt, but get foot into his inner thigh and flip him over....creates a scramble