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There is no way for me to show enough thanks for the things these people have done.  I am humbled by how blessed I am to have such great human beings be a part of my journey.  Especially my family, but also coaches, workout partners, believers, fans, supporters: you all have a piece of every success I have achieved, whether in life or on the wrestling mat.  Thank you, because without you I would not be where I am today.

Steve Buddie
Jay Jackson
Kevin Klemm
Chris Horpel
Warren McPherson
Beau Weiner
Alex Coriano
Kerry McCoy
Dave McKay
Justin Abdou
Canada Amateur Wrestling Association 
Cardinal Wrestling Club
Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club


Mike Wood
Tom Sculley and BRUTE/Adidas
Iron M. and CytoSport Inc.
The entire McLean Family
Patricia and Levi Miranda
Ray Blake
Jason Borrelli
Matt Ellis
Perry Archibald
Dr. Paul Ford
Sherry Posthumous- in memory
Dave Richardson and family 

There are so many others who have been a part of my life, and do not think that by not being here lessens the impact you have had.